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This is a unique piano program for preschoolers age 3 to 5.

KiddyKeys is a modern and engaging approach to teaching piano skills and music concepts to preschool children ages 3 to 5. Our methods enable and encourage children to learn about the piano and music in ways that best meet their needs, maximizing their ability to understand and enjoy what they are learning. Our classes are kid-tested and parent-approved.

Weekly improvisation on the keyboard, music theory, and composition are combined with the traditional elements of music and movement, school readiness skills, and character development. In KiddyKeys, children have so many learning opportunities — all in the name of fun!

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New Term starting in Jan 2024

- Tuesday 3:30pm

Wednesday 5pm

- Thursday 5pm


You may also register your interest with us and find out other available time slot.


- $40 /lesson


- 30mins individual

- 45mins group/ 2 pax

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