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Making Music Fun!


Young Children at the age of 3 - 5yrs loves to move and explore music. Our program build exactly on this. 

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Piano lesson

Kids love to explore. Our entire program is built around learning music as if it were a game. Kids love it! Learning piano has never being so fun!

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Our specially design drums program for Children who are 5 years old and above. Learning and creating drum beats will never be the same again.


We truly believe that all children have the ability to learn how to play piano and make good music. Our approach is different in that we tap into that natural creativity and expression of children, which helps in their life-long music journey.


The studio is fully equipped with Digital pianos and iPads. Children will have loads of fun playing the piano board games, musical card games, iPad music Apps and of course, creating music on the piano. With this new teaching method, Children will enjoy playing and making music. Piano lesson will never be the same again. 


Students at our studio find music, fun! They love to go to the piano and play it when they're home. We aim to start the spark of love for music within them. 


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