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KiddyBeats reinvent how Children experience and learn music. There are altogether 4 terms and each term is a build up musical knowledge to the next. 

Music elements such as rhythm, tempo, pitching and dynamics are introduced in a fun and interactive way. Children are able to differentiate between fast/ slow, loud/ soft in playing musical games and creating their own music.

We have also encompasses fun notes reading approach (Notely) into our syllabus to form a Holistic music education. Notely lays a musical foundation that is taught via a ‘see, hear, do ‘interactive approach to learning. Children are learning notes reading in a musical story and able to read, write and play music.


Children in Kiddy Beats will experience and play varies type of instruments. In completing all 4 terms, children will be able to play on the varies type of percussion instrument such as Cajon, Djembe. Playing on the tuned instruments such as, xylophone, Kalimaba, and Ukulele etc.

Last but not least, Making Music Fun!

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New Term

- Tuesday 4:15 (NEW) Starting in Jan 2024

- Saturday 10am (NEW) Starting in Jan 2024

Sign up now to reserve your slot!

$40/ lesson

2-3 pax per class

Fees will be collected on a monthly basis.

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