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piano keys

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About the program

Beside piano method books, our program is designed to cater to individual student's needs of expression their musical emotions through composing, improvising etc. Fun and engaging additional curriculum includes reading of lead sheets, playing by ear, understanding of different musical eras and appreciating all different types of music that include Jazz, Blues, Pop/ rock etc.


And of course, "off the bench activities" piano games and integrative iPad activities to spice up the lesson. Putting learning and fun at the same time. Student always wanted to have more lesson and looking forward for the next!

ABRSM music syllabus progression is part of our music pedagogy design. Students have the option to take official ABRSM exam or in-house-exam. Another important event is our Piano Party,  where students get to performance to a live audiences. 


Students graduating from KiddyKeys or KiddyBeats will progress to My First Piano Adventure series to continue their music education adventure.


Written for ages 5 and 7, My First Piano Adventure® captures the child's playful spirit. Fun-filled songs, rhythm game and technique activities develop beginning keyboard skills.


A free download App from the App store that offers a unique listening experience with outstanding orchestrations and vocals backing track. Children can listen, sing, tap, and move to their piano music and play more musically.


Students love the "off the bench" piano games using game board and card games to illustrate musical and theory ideas. The piano games drive them motivated to learn all the music theory in order to win the game.

Students love playing on the studio iPads. They enjoy learning theory and are eager to answer my questions. Most of the time, parents have to drag kids out of the studio… that’s just how much they love their lessons!

To stretch the fun, we have Piano Maestro App. Piano Maestro is the ultimate piano practice tool that will have your kids quickly playing their favorite classical, pop and rock songs. From playing a single note to complete pieces, it’s fun piano learning for the entire family with positive screen time! Available on the iPad, you can download Piano Maestro from the App Store and connect to our studio to have full access.


Starting fees: $40 /lesson

Duration: 45mins (groups), 30 mins (individual)

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