Learning guitar has never been this fun. 


With our interactive activities, students will learn the basic of guitar playing and having tons of fun. We design the program for children at the age of 6 years old and above. We will be covering notes reading, picking, strumming and composing etc.

1. Lesson time! 

We will cover the topic of the day in learning the guitar, playing short pieces of music, introduction of chords etc.


2. Writing time! 

Children will be working on music theory worksheets.


3. Games time! 

Board/ card/ iPad music games to reinforce the topic in a form game.


4. Special occasion: composing, improvisation etc.

They will proceed to the Acoustic Guitar syllabus of London College of Music Steps 1 and 2.

Let's get started by registering with us.

Starting fees: $40 /lesson

Duration: 30mins (Individual), 45mins (Group)


- Thursday 3pm

- Friday 3pm