Founder’s Notes 


"I was introduced to music at a very young age. With a strict teacher, lessons were often gone through in fear. I had to ensure that I maintained my posture, practice real hard on my pieces and having my fingers at the tip top condition just to have a mediocre pass from my music teacher. I went through my music lessons regardless and I persevered to attain my Associateship Diploma in Music.


However, I knew music lessons could be fun and interactive. Music is vibrant. Music is fun! Music is interactive. I strongly believe music can be taught in a better way (comparing to what I went through) and that became my goal for all my music lessons. I continue to further my studies in music pedagogy and attained my Associate Diploma in Early Childhood Music Teaching.


Activities and games are part of the pedagogy that is implemented in Music Playhouse. As students are able to play well and learn way faster than traditional lessons, they become self motivated to practice and find joy in making music of their own.


Having taught more than 70 students, not one of them felt lessons were long!"

 Mr Tan Yao Sheng, Music Educator in Music Playhouse

A father of 3 young children

The music experience is a process, and the goal is the well-being of the student.
The goal is never a musical product.
An appreciation for music develops
finer human beings.
Making music is a gift of 
lifetime joy




Music Playhouse Philosophy

We believe that every child has the ability to express themselves through music using games. 

We believe that each child is unique in learning. Some are more visual learners, some learn by listening and some are kinesthetics.

We believe that each child needs to learn in their own way, at their own pace and at their own level with their given space and imagination.

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